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Engage with industry over psychometric data

Tinman’s one-of-a-kind faculty portal gives you access to all your students’ psychological data. Your faculty can now look to organise and communicate inplatform using things like students career alignment and interests as well as grouping students where appropriate. Any list or grouping your faculty makes can be shared with corporate Tinman users, or emailed to companies outside of Tinman’s platform.

Your students will understand their career interests and alignment using Tinman’s unique CareerProfiler assessment app. Tinman further lists a multitude of career paths and starter-roles that the students will best suit. Students can select a role they are keen to pursue or learn more about employers who hire fresh graduates for that role and the corporate users / employers can ‘see’ those specific students and can communicate with them.

Regardless of age or course studied your faculty can find and engage with all students who have aligned with or shown specific interest with a role. From there your faculty can organise specific content for them, invite industry specialists to deliver talks, facilitate site visits or take additional coursework. There are no constraints on how your faculty can use the data – Tinman provides this for free.

Tinman is unique. All your students can learn more about themselves on a platform that will connect them to important resources for their future employment. Your faculty can engage with various industries using independent and qualitative data within the platform. Tinman is actually a specific platform to directly engage with industry professionals over detailed
descriptions of both students interests and potential. Tinman supports internships and apprenticeships as a way to ensure your students are more perceived as more attractive to those in the industry than those approaching the market using just their grades and courses to describe themselves.

Tinman has already input most Thai schools and universities into the platform system (if your school or University is not here,
please let us know).

You don’t need to do anything to create your school with all its details. All you to need to do is find your school in our dropmenu list and claim it! Register now and get FREE access FOREVER!

Our current assessment offering is the Tinman ‘InterestProfiler‘ which is suitable for high school students up to undergraduates (and beyond.) Please feel free to get your students to try it out.

College and school faculties can also register for free access FOREVER!

Faculties can see their students’ psych results, role alignment, selection of preferred roles, and if they have responded to
messages from registered companies.
Teachers can also share anonymous summary data with potential companies, i.e., lists of students who actively select roles
local companies employ.

Tinman provides additional accurate and independent career-relevant data that makes it easier for a school to strike up a
relationship with (local) employers who need what they produce. Being able to demonstrate that you have students who align
with roles companies hire for and would like to learn more about is a great platform to reach out to employers with. Whether
the relationship starts with companies sending people to talk to students interested in specific roles, or providing training so
that they are productive before they graduate, your school and your students will benefit from greater exposure to work and
working environments.

Businesses will be using Tinman to reach out to students and entice them to meet and get prepared for work.
Watch out for a coming series of 1-2 minute ‘how to’ videos showing how easy Tinman is to use.