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Psychological Profiling


With many years of experience in the recruitment arena, Tinman knows that hiring young talent can often be painful. Typically, few companies engage recruiters to help; the costs are hard to justify, and the risks are almost impossible for recruiters to accept.

Fresh graduates are harder to hire (so Tinman is told) because they lack references and experience that confirms their potential. Potential, as it happens, is pretty much all they have.

Companies also tend to complain that they don’t enjoy going through a more painful search and selection process to then have to train new staff and then have them leave. The turnover of fresh graduates is many times higher than for experienced staff. Is the solution to not hire young talent?
No. When your competition trains them and makes them comfortable and happy, you will struggle to hire them away. With a shrinking Thai population, getting young talent is more critical today than ever before.

Businesses can register for corporate access, which right now is FREE. Corporate accounts have direct access to a demo dataset so you can learn how the Tinman platform can really work for your company and your internship hiring needs.

As we grow our student database, we will update you so you can switch to the real dataset.

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