Free Trial

Validity: 1-3 months
Roles for search: Two (2) roles
Communications limits: no communications included
Reports included: no reports

Tinman’s free trial is designed to show all Thai industries the depth and breadth of our functionality and data in under 15 minutes. The registration process requires each potential employer to declare at least two roles for which you hire graduates. Upon your first login to the Tinman app, you will see those selected roles listed in the sidebar and the ‘right-fit’ matches already populated. You can choose to manipulate the results with various filters and sorts and create new lists based on your refined criteria. However, what you cannot do it communicate directly with the students – this requires a paid subscription. The good news is that when you upgrade your subscription, some of lists you have already made will still be retained. Why only ‘some’ you may ask? Well, the trial license has no limit on the number of roles you can research for, but the paid-for package you select might.

You are encouraged to create your own lists based on student matching, locations, time to availability and other useful employment factors. Any communications you execute within the Tinman system will be simulated but not sent. Tinman hopes and believes that you will enjoy our novel and efficient way to source, and discover, young talent with ‘right-fit’ potential.

Open subscription

Price: 10,000 Baht
Validity: 6 months communications “On”
Roles for search: Two (2) roles
Communications limits: 500 student connections (500 outbound communications)

SME Plan

Price: 55,000 Baht
Validity: 12 months communications “On”
Roles for search: Five (5) roles
Communications limits: Unlimited student communications