Use Filters
Emotionally changable Emotionally stable 3
Conventional Open to possibilities 3
Suspicious Agreeable / Trusting 3
Spontaneous Conscientious 3
Intrinsically motivated Extrinsically motivated 3
Doubting Optimistic 3
Cautious Excitement 3
Tinman’s psychological analysis breaks down personality into seven description of character-type. Users can tweak the predefined configurations for each occupation to cast a wider net. For most roles, precise matches are not needed for all seven.

The range 1-9 describes the distribution of job seekers where 5 is the median within each dataset. ±1 is ± 1 standard deviation. ±2 is therefore a significantly different person.
Open Vacancies
Tinman presents an HR user with a list of open vacancies. This functional example shows how we retrieve all job seekers based on matching psychological profiles with occupational norms.
Data Table
Showing results
This table shows job seekers who match the search. The sample dataset is small, so only a few searches return results. There are predefined searches based on occupations to demonstrate our core functionality.