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Tinman makes finding a suitable place to work easier. This starts by finding your alignment with roles and letting you explore your options. You will find you have more choices than you expect!

We match you with roles that suit you best. Those roles are employed at various companies around Thailand. Only companies that employ young people for the roles you match with can connect to you in the platform.

We do all this through psychological profiling and matching – we call this employability testing

Employers will also assess staff they enjoy working with – we match those profiles so employers can find you


Sign-up – Via Line app or use an email address


Complete InterestProfiler – 4 to 5 minutes to find your best-fit career options.

See starter-roles and careers that suit you best.


You are now visible to all companies that hire young talent for the roles you align with – nobody else.


Research interesting roles, review additional courseware that will make you more relevant to careers you are interested in

Interact with companies to establish a relationship and decide if you like the company, the role, and the career path it connects you to.



We can identify vacancies that precisely match your character and capabilities. How wild is that? We can push you to teams where you will thrive.

This helps ensure your career starts in a positive environment where you can focus on learning and being productive and can reduce the stress of office politics.

Built to focus on fresh graduates like you, we have developed a free-to-use Interest Profiler that will help find the best start to your career.