Workforce Preparation and Selection

The Tinman platform helps students, faculty and companies collaborate and secure a better future.


Tinman makes first jobs easier for all. Our platform is designed for students, faculty and industry.

Tinman’s ultimate goal is to help students and companies align accurately and productively over ‘first-jobs’ so more
people can be gainfully employed more easily and, essentially, more predictably. Tinman’s big goal is to reduce the time to
productivity for young hires.

How does it all work? Tinman provides accurate additional data needed for a school or university to strike up functional
relationships with employers who need what they produce.

Tinman helps companies identify young talent that aligns with their entry-level hiring needs. We use localised
psychological assessments to match students with entry-level roles and career paths. This will reduce churn, increase
retention and ensure first jobs are of more value to both new staff and the companies they work for.
Tinman aims to reduce a recruiter’s workload when hiring fresh graduates by identifying the traits needed for each role
they hire for.

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Why Are We

Cloning, well almost. We can identify candidates that precisely match the character and capabilities of your existing staff. How cool is that? You can reproduce not just the skill sets you need, but the character and style of your team.

This helps ensure continuity and harmony which drive productivity.

Built to focus on fresh graduates alone, we are building close relationships with educators of all types.

Tinman invests in students by developing assessments, content and courseware they can leverage to become more relevant to hirers of the roles they match with.